About me


I am a butterfly systematist and my research interests are oriented around Neotropical butterfly systematics in the broadest sense. In particular, my real passion lies in understanding species-level diversity of Neotropical butterflies, with an emphasis on some of the poorly studied butterfly groups and unexplored areas. I utilize both molecular and morphological data to generate taxonomic and phylogenetic hypotheses in order to provide foundational information for future research. 



Museo de Historia Natural, Universidad National Mayor de San Marcos (Lima, Peru)


Editorial board memberships

Biodiversity Data Journal - Subject editor (Lepidoptera)

Tropical Lepidoptera Research - Associate Editor

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Departamento de Entomología
Museo de Historia Natural 
Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos 
Av. Arenales 1256, Jesús María, Lima 14, Perú

 Email : snakahara@ufl.edu